MEDIC MALAWI | A sad message from Stephen…
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A sad message from Stephen…

To all supporters

I often send you good news from Malawi, so I felt I wanted to send this very sad news too, and there follows a letter from Father Petro.

Dear friends, It was on Friday, 25th of April when members of Mother’s Union were on their trip to their usual meetings. On their way as they were singing praising songs as per the say of survivors, their car driver lost control of the car causing it to overturn two times. One died at the same spot while others seriously injured. It was around 7:00 pm when this was happening. When I heard of this I rushed to the place of accident and when I get there in one hour time, It was very shocking to see my church members covered with blood and some could not speak or move their body. Deep cuts on their heads, faces and over their bodies. I took them to our small clinic where seven of them were referred to Kasungu District hospital. I led the funeral service of the died MU member on Sunday,27th. May her soul rest in peace! Father Petro Mzomomera

Aubrey-headFurther details from Aubrey Wande  Firstly, the one who passed away on this accident is Sophia Nyirenda. May her soul rest in peace. Thank you very much for being with us in your thoughts,prayers and even monetary support. May God continue to bless you adundantly. The truck the Mothers Union boarded had its brake system out of order as it was running down a steep slope with a wall on one side and a very big drain on the other side.  As the truck started to overspeed due to loss of breaks the driver decided to hit the wall as a way of preventing a more fatal accident than the one that had occured.  Because of the force with which it hit the wall, the vehicle reversed into the big drain and overturned more than once. Sophia died on the spot and other two were also feared dead because of severe head injuries that left them unconscious save the coming in of the Clinicians whose first aid prevented the death of many. A total of 14 were involved including the deceased, 4 were treated as out patients while 9 were admitted.  The one who is at St Andrews is a sister to Mrs Father Dzantenge. Today the remaining one at Kasungu has been sent here at St Andrews due to drug shortage there. Regards Aubrey

Says Stephen: The community will be devastated. A terrible accident. It was at 7 pm so it will have been dark… Awful for all involved, and for those who went to help. Please remember them in your thoughts and prayers, especially the family of Sophia Nyirenda. Travelling on these open trucks and pickups is just so dangerous, but it happens all the time. Our hospital, which you support, was again vital, not least when the District hospital in Kasungu had no medicine. As you see, I have sent money immediately in case there are medical expenses, or burial costs for the family of the deceased. It occurs to me – they are half way through trying to build themselves a church to cope with their increased congregations. Everyone on that vehicle will have been working for it and contributing to it, and will want to see it finished. If anyone felt they wanted to help and respond to this, or a Church group wanted to have a Collection on Sunday, I could channel donations to that goal. Thank you Stephen

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