MEDIC MALAWI | About Medic Malawi
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Medic Malawi is a small charity, funding a hospital in Mtunthama, rural Malawi, which opened in 2001, together with a clinic for feeding the malnourished and an orphanage for 70 children. This charity is special because:


Every penny raised goes to Malawi – there are no UK administration costs or salaries.


We seek to involve supporters and volunteers – and especially teenagers – in the actions of the charity, experiencing Africa for themselves and sharing time with the people in Mtunthama.


It is focused on one district, which offers continuity, regular contact and transparency.



Our newsletter is published four time each year and can be viewed on our news page here. If you have a fundraising story to share or an experience of visiting our projects in Malawi, do let us know and we can arrange for you to feature in print! We are also happy to supply one of articles for you to publish in your own newsletters and magazines.

Do you have news for us?

If you would like to contact Medic Malawi to let us know what you’ve been doing on our behalf, just fill in the form below…