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Malawi Video

dazzlerman1000’s Malawi video, Meet the Country


Alex McBreen’s Youtube video about the work of Medic Malawi


Medic Malawi began in December 1997 as a means of raising small sums of money to supplement health care in the Mtunthama region of Malawi.

Originally intended to serve a catchment area of 35,000 people, the hospital now finds it is treating patients who are travelling (sometimes on foot!) from as far as 80 kilometres away because of the quality of care offered and the certainty that necessary drugs and medication will be available.

In addition to the hospital, Medic Malawi supports an orphanage in Mtunthama, opened in September 2005.There are currently with 55 children within this orphanage. It provides meals for these children as well as a primary and secondary school education, and a kindergarten. It also runs a maize mill, any profits from which go towards funding the various projects.

Food shortage is a chronic problem and in some years when harvests are poor, food shortages quickly turn into famine. In 2002 there was a severe famine during which thousands died. Medic Malawi responded by running an under-5 feeding programme and an adult feeding programme for the local community.

Video info: Filming and editing assistance by Alex McBreen.
Editing and Post Production by Iamwalterbottle.
Music: Cinematic Orchestra – To Build a Home

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