MEDIC MALAWI | Big result for the Big Breakfast
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Big result for the Big Breakfast

Medic Malawi’s big breakfast at a Shrewsbury bank raised enough money to fund a nurse for a whole year in Malawi.

The town centre branch of Barclays hosted the fundraiser which saw people turn out in droves to enjoy coffee, croissants and cakes. A total of £640 was raised.

Big-Breakfast_webMedic Malawi’s head, Stephen Drew, said: “We had no idea how successful the Big Breakfast event would be.

“We just knew that any amount raised would be important to us and would all be vital to help fund our work. To have raised £640, which Barclays have kindly matched pound for pound, is wonderful and is equivalent to a year’s salary for a nurse or 10 children’s Government school fees for a year.

“I am pleased that people took us to their hearts at the Big Breakfast.

“The bank staff were excellent. All the cakes were made by the staff and donated by them. They were able to offer their services throughout the day.”

Volunteers from Medic Malawi handed out leaflets to customers while they enjoyed the coffee donated by Starbucks and croissants donated by Marks & Spencers, as well as the cakes made by staff.

Money raised by the organisation goes to fund a hospital in Mtunthama together with a clinic for feeding the malnourished and an orphanage for 85 children.

In the last year its fundraising total has soared from £118,000 in 2011 to £235,000 in 2012.

It was boosted by a Toy Trust donation of £100,000 and new supporters.

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