MEDIC MALAWI | Breakfast for Malawi 2014 – a message from Stephen
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Breakfast for Malawi 2014 – a message from Stephen

I need your help, please, with Breakfast for Malawi 2014.
Breakfast for Malawi , your place… March 16th
PLAN B    
Any variation at all on the above which raises money…


Plan A is my original idea,  lots of small domestic events:
invite a few friends to Breakfast or Brunch. Open a cereal packet or two,  cook some eggs and bacon, offer toast and marmalade and coffee, and then invite your well chosen guests  to donate to MedicM in gratitude for a lovely couple of hours.. I can supply information about our work in Malawi, and an advantage of Plan A  is that this probably brings MedicM to new people , who may not have been asked to open their wallets  for us before. 
Plan B  –  it can be varied to anything: Breakfast or Brunch at a Church for instance, or at the  Office, or a Club. But it does not have to be breakfast and it certainly does not  have to be on March 16th – any day in March is fine
It can be a totally different sort of event -a tea party, lunch… Anything at all, anything whatsoever, which will raise donations during March.
Please note :        
A Breakfast pack (of information, not croissants) has been prepared by my friend Hannah, and is available for download by clicking on the picture, or from my address.
Donations can be gifted aided by UK taxpayers on the appropriate form which is in the pack – always nice to get as much money as possible back from the Government…
Please Tweet this! Let’s make it go viral! Can we send the Twittersphere into a frenzy? You can follow us on Twitter, by the way @MedicMalawi!
My friends – your support really matters. MedicM is financed mainly by relatively small , individual gifts, which in turn help individuals in Malawi. I am looking to build up outreach from the Feeding centre,  and from the hospital itself, to go and find those too ill, too poor or too weak even to travel to our hospital.As you know, every penny gets to those who need it with no UK costs or salaries, and we continue to be focused on the work in Mtunthama, an area I know well and with which I have daily (no exaggeration) contact. All the donations you can extract from your friends will be very fully used.
So please arrange something for MM in March, big or small, morning or evening…
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