MEDIC MALAWI | Christmas Message 2012 from Stephen Drew
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Christmas Message 2012 from Stephen Drew

A Shining Star

The best thanks I can give for all your help this year is in this letter from Father Petro of St Andrew’s, sent to me in

The orphanage is standing like a shining star that attracts the sight of many The number of the little ones is growing bigger
as more mothers die of maternal death, AND, for your own information, AMAO is the only orphanage doing fine in Kasungu, Dowa and neighbouring districts there by attracting more orphans even from far distances. Of recent we have received about five little children whose mother died.

It is my appeal to the donor community that as they are enjoying life, they have to know that there are orphans somewhere
who need their kindness. They have to know that God does bless one so that another one is blessed through him.

Rev Petro did not write that for Christmas, and so the shining star bit is not just a cliché. And I have seen with my own
eyes that the Hospital and the Malnourishment centre are two other shining stars, giving hope all year.

With your help we have:

Doubled the size of the orphanage and started an agricultural project there.
Extended the wards and bought new beds, increased staff and provided housing.
Purchased an ambulance and three motor bikes with trailers.

Next year our major targets include:

A new children’s ward.
Commencing an eye clinic, and a second visit by the travelling surgeons.
Building a Training Centre for older orphans and other young people to impart skills, prepare them for employment, and generate income (bakery, bike repairs, tailoring, and hairdressing).
Solar power.
Regular outreach visits from the malnourishment centre.

Fund raising

Remember every penny goes to Malawi: there are no UK costs, salaries or expenses.
Alternative Gifts Cards, for the person who already has everything – details on website.
Try ‘Easy fundraising’ for online purchases – we are a named charity.

For your 2013 diary:

Breakfast for Malawi – in March
Invite your friends to Breakfast between March 15th and 17th and invite them to donate. But as last year this can be varied to a more convenient date – or to a coffee morning, a tea party or a picnic.
May 10 – Dinner for Malawi in Shropshire/Staffs
Please note the date. But could someone organise a Dinner that night in the South West Region too?

Thanks for all you help, everyone

A pdf version of this message is available to download from the link below


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