MEDIC MALAWI | December Newsletter
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December Newsletter

Elizabeth with eggs for AMAO

Elizabeth with eggs for AMAO

To all supporters

I vividly remember a conversation with Boyson, who recently retired from running our orphanage, ‘AMAO’, with his wife Florence.

“I count all the children every night” he said.

“To make sure they haven’t run away?!” I asked in surprise.

“No! To make sure there are no extras come in to join the love and care and warmth of AMAO”.

‘The Mother House – AMAO ’ – has continued to be, in the words of our friend Father  Petro “ a shining star to the whole of Kasungu – the only orphanage doing well in the complete District”. 

Now led by Elizabeth Kamphani, it is giving day by day, minute by minute care to 85 children in our two adjoining houses – The Wrekin Orphan House (boys) and the Toy Trust House (babies and girls).

As Christmas approaches, we may think especially of these children, each one given hope through your support of Medic Malawi.

Self Sufficiency 

The eventual aim of course is to make Medic Malawi unnecessary, and we have taken a step towards that with prolific egg production, with sales now making 10% of AMAO’s income, together with eggs to feed the children.

We have also started to build a bakery , funded by Gayton’s Bakery of Lichfield. It will provide bread and income, and is another great example of business sponsorship. Colossal thanks to Glynis Gayton and the company.

Other ideas for future income include a bigger general shop – and a hairdressing salon. Can anyone support the creation of those facilities?

In this letter I have included some Christmas fundraising ideas. AMAO and St Andrew’s Hospital continue to need your support. Will one or more of these work in your office or school or church or club?

Thank you.


Fundraising for The Best Value Charity  

Every penny goes to those who need it with no UK costs,  and every penny is fully used – so we were voted Best Value Charity at the Birmingham Valefest.

Christmas Bring and Buy 

Soon after Christmas, at your Office or Club or Church – for all those items which are nice, but not quite what was wanted at Christmas. 

A purchasing website which gives 1p in £1 to nominated charity. I have just received £69 from them, which is handy – can we get the next one up to £100 with online Christ-mas purchases?

The Extra Gift

If you family already have everything – make a extra gift around the tree to the children of AMAO.

Regular donations 

If you make a monthly donation – thank you. You are the core of our income. But could you find a friend and talk them into matching your monthly giving?

Breakfast for Malawi in February 

Our annual signature event – invite a few friends for breakfast, give them some eggs and bacon, and invite them to donate. It’s brilliant and very easy.

Company sponsorship

Could your company or business sponsor a month of eye surgery, or a  nurse for a year ?

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