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Your Sterling donation goes a long way and may be equivalent to  :
£5    cost of feeding an orphan for a week in the orphanage
£10  emergency feeding supplement and bag of seeds in Feeding Centre
£30   cost of an eye operation to restore sight to the blind
£60   annual school fees payable for a child at the primary and secondary school
£70    monthly salary for a nurse
£100 monthly cost of outreach programme for the hungry ( vehicles and staff time)
£350 weekly cost of running orphanage
£1000 weekly  cost of subsidy to hospital
£1200 – £1600  – annual college fees for a school graduate from the orphanage to study eg medicine or law
£10,000 a new vehicle for the hospital
£15000 two new staff houses
£50000 a new primary school
These are equivalent amounts, for information only. Please note that we cannot usually allocate gifts to specific purposes  because of the accounting procedures involved . We do have an educational fund which supports children in school, including all the orphans , but we cannot establish specific new links between donor and child. Thank you.


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