MEDIC MALAWI | Ear Clinic February 2019
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Ear Clinic February 2019

Dear Mr. Drew,


On behalf of St. Andrew’s hospital and the ear health beneficiaries I am very grateful to Medic Malawi  for the financial support towards the February 2019 ear health week which ran from 4th to 6th February 2019.

We had a total of 168 patients with various ear related diseases. Following is an explanation of the 168patients in relation to the problems they had:

  1. 30 had hearing problems requiring Hearing Aids
  2. 2 had hearing problems requiring Bone Conductors
  3. 59 patients had both Acute and Chronic Ear Infections
  4. 39 had different ear disease like Ear wax impaction (due to too much wax)
  5. 38 had come for review from previous ear health clinic with relevant complaints like dysfunctional hearing aids.

PHOTO 1: PUBLICITY IS IMPORTANT IN EAR HEALTH PROGRAM: Next to St. Andrew’s hospital signage is a banner with inscription of supporters’ names to the ear health program namely:

  • Medic  Malawi- Finance donors to make the whole Ear program implemented. Thanks for your support.
  • African Bible College Audiology Clinic- for the technical support through their audiologists team.

The message in the banner is notifying the general public of the ear health service clinic service which is free to everyone.

PHOTO 2: HOPE OF EAR PROBLEM ERADICATION THROUGH ST. ANDREW’S EAR CLINIC OPENING- On 4th February morning  people with ear related problems registering.

PHOTO 3: ST. ANDREW’S HOSPITAL BRINGING HOPE TO REGAIN HEARING PATTERN- Thanks to Medic Malawi and all its donors for the support towards ear health clinic as above people are waiting to have their ear problems managed.

36 Year old Eunice Nguluwe from Msulira village in Kasungu has Hearing impairment problem which need support for Bone Conductor instrument for her to regain her hearing.  May I ask Medic Malawi to assist this woman with purchase of the instrument.

CHILDREN REQUIRE QUALITY EAR HEALTH SERVICES- Medison Banda, 4 years old with chronic suppurative media (exudative infection of the ear) being examined by an audiologist at St. Andrew’s ear clinic. Thanks to Medic Malawi for saving the hearing pattern of this young boy with financial support towards the ear health project.

GOOD HEARING CONTRIBUTES TO QUALITY LITERACY ACHIEVEMENT: All the above students are from Chayamba secondary school in Kasungu district and have hearing impairment problem which requires hearing aids. Thanks to Medic Malawi, ABC Audiology clinic team and all those who have taken part to assist the students above.

Once again I wish to thank Medici Malawi and all its supporters for the timely support towards ear health services. The next month ear clinic will run from 4th to 6th March and the audiologists will arrive in Mtunthama on Sunday, 3rd March.

Kind regards,


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