MEDIC MALAWI | Eye surgery under threat
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Eye surgery under threat


For the last year Medic Malawi has been able to offer monthly eye surgery helping people like David, pictured.

This 10-year-old boy had good sight until he was blinded by complications from measles at the age of three. It was totally unnecessary blindness – as is the case for 75% of those who are blind in Malawi.

Many are blinded by their cataracts – which is actually the most common of all operations here in the UK, taking about 20 minutes. But in Malawi they remain blind, and in the case of children like David, without education or hope, because they haven’t got enough money to put it right.

They would need about £30.

Led by Amos Nyaka, St Andrew’s hospital has quickly built regional a reputation for eye care. Amos carries out about 40 operations each month, and up to 250 people come for non-surgical help.

All treatment is free, and follows a thorough screening and publicity programme. We also offer free transport to patients, which would otherwise be another major obstacle.

This wonderful, life changing surgery is under threat.

Medic Malawi is a small kitchen table charity, with no UK costs or salaries. We do no paid advertising.

This means every penny goes to those who need it, which is great, but creates great pressure when we add a £2,000 a month eye programme to the commitments we have to St Andrew’s Hospital in general, our two orphanages, and to the Feeding Centre for the Malnourished.

Please help us to continue to restore sight to the blind .

Please contact if you could assist with a gift, a monthly pledge or the support of a company or business. Thank you.

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