MEDIC MALAWI | February 2016 Newsletter
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February 2016 Newsletter

20-20 vision for 2016 and beyond

We all know that charities are getting a bad name at the moment because of their costs and their pestering, and so its good again to be able to say that Medic Malawi has no UK costs – no salaries, no office, not even expenses; and my only pestering is this occasional update.

But I now want to admit to another secret aim. I actually want to try very hard to put Medic Malawi out of business by developing fundraising and income generation in Malawi.

So there’s some information here about those efforts; but until we do manage to do that, your support is critical and hugely appreciated, and there’s also a bit about you. You can see something of what we mean about our 20/20 vision there…

Thank you for all your support and ideas,



The Iron Lady…

cathyMy daughter, Cathy, is running two consecutive marathons, Brighton and London, followed by an IronMan (namely 2.4 mile swim; 112 mile cycle ride and 26.2 mile marathon, one after the other – c13 hours, on July 10th!) all for MedicM. 
London, Brighton and IronMan together make 20 hours for Medic Malawi, not to mention a colossal mileage and a fantastic amount of energy and training.

See her page at

Please could you sponsor Cathy in this amazing effort? Or could you yourself do 20 Things for Medic Malawi – bake 20 cakes for sale?; wash up 20 times for Mum and Dad (50p a time)?; wash 20 cars etc?

Anything at all with 20 in it which raises money – and I’d like to hear about it all

Breakfast for Malawi: Please organise a ‘Breakfast for Malawi’ during March – or any variation on that theme – at home, at the office, at your church. Invite a few friends, give them some bacon and eggs, and ask for donations. It works brilliantly, and an online info pack is available. This is also being done in Malawi, as the picture (above left) shows.

Sponsorships: My thanks to Glynis Gayton of Gayton’s Bakery, Lichfield for the wonderful sponsorship of the new Bakery: Is there another company who can do something similar?

Shrewsbury School are holding an All Night Sports Night – 12 hours of sponsored sleepless sport.

And IronMan Day, July 10th 2016, will also be Medic Malawi Sunday, with a collection in churches. Please will your church take part?


A sustainable future

tableOur partners in Mtunthama are not just running the hospital and orphanage – they are really pulling their weight towards sustainability too.

The fundraising committee of our St Andrew’s Hospital have projects which include growing crops for sale on land behind the hospital, and offering mobile health screening, with small charges, in the town of Kasungu.

A bakery is now at the roofing stage and it will soon be producing bread for all the community, with all profits to the orphanages.

It will also provide employment and training and will be a model for future endeavours.

The vegetable gardens continue to be plentiful, so too the eggs and chickens.

Egg sales currently yield 10% of orphanage income and it is expected the bakery will contribute another 20%.

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