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How you can help us

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Medic Malawi relies almost entirely on personal giving.

 100 Club

Our core support is through the 100 Club. This is the group of those who donate each month, and these givers provide about 30% of our income. Above all they provide the regular reliable part of our income.

If you can join the 100 Club, and donate regularly, please do. It will be hugely valued.

 Gift Aid

Gift Aid can add 25% to the value of a Gift. You have to make a declaration that you have paid the necessary tax and that you wish MedicM to benefit. The Gift Aid form can be downloaded, and needs to be sent to 2 Raby Crescent Shrewsbury SY37JN

Download the Gift Aid form Gift Aid form 2016.

 Events and donations

These are always welcome – sponsored events, personal gifts – all these make up the remaining money we need each month. Donations often come through Churches, schools, clubs like Rotary, Lions etc – and I am more than happy to come to speak

 Just Giving

A convenient way to donate. A few clicks do the trick, and they reclaim the Gift Aid . They do however charge for this, and so for regular donations, or large donations, it is better to send directly to me and let us do the GA reclaim.

 Easy fundraising

This is a website which channels you to the main shopping sites, but gives a nominated charity part of what you spend. We are a listed charity. You go to easyfunding first, then click us, then to your shopping site.

 Business sponsors

We have a couple of businesses supporting Medic Malawi as their nominated charity. This is very helpful and I would welcome others


We have had wonderful support from The Toy Trust , who sponsored the new orphanage and the Children’s ward, and from the Mabel Harper Trust with hospital equipment.

Any contacts with other Trusts, or help with putting our case to them would be very very welcome.


Every penny goes to Malawi:

We spend most at the hospital – about £4000 a month. This is mainly salaries (shared with the Malawi government)and running costs-water, electricity, fuel, some medicines etc

orphanage – about £1400 a month – food, water, fuel

sponsorships – £6000 a year goes to provide schooling.

new building projects – as and when money allows, we build facilities at the hospital, staff housing etc