MEDIC MALAWI | Update: Interview with Virginia
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Update: Interview with Virginia

A team of eye surgeons has gone into Mtunthama to help treat those whose sight is gone or has become restricted. This is an interview by Aubrey Wande with one of the hopefuls – Virginia – shortly before her operation…

virginiaVirginia Soko of Mwimira village, Tradition Authority Wimbe, Kasungu District, Malawi.

Blind since 2011 hoping to regain her sight after operation.

An interview with Aubrey Wande on 21st September, 2014 (the eve of her operation day at around 19 hours

Aubrey : How are you madam?

Virginia : I am fine

Aubrey : How old are you?

Virginia : I don’t know.

Aubrey : Can you show me of what size you were when there was the last big famine in Malawi?

She shows Aubrey the size of a 10 or 11 year old. The last big famine was in 1959. From that to date 55 years have elapsed and adding 10 or 11 to it then the approximate age of hers should be between 65 and 66 years.

Aubrey: Since the time you became blind what chores you are unable to do that you did before.

Virginia : Cooking, fetching water, gardening etc

Aubrey : In 2012, a similar exercise was conducted, why did you not come?

Virginia : We heard about it after the exercise had already finished and I was sad.

Aubrey : Did you hear about any testimonies from those who were operated on?

Virginia : Yes those who were blind could see after the operation, we were told.

Aubrey : How did you feel to hear that the same exercise will take place again?

Virginia : I was and am still happy and grateful because I believe that my time has come to see again.

Aubrey : Thank you madam. I will talk to you again on Tuesday when your eye pads will be removed.

Virginia Soko putting on a smile after getting back her sight after 3 years of complete blindness.

You can see a difference between her picture taken on 21st September and this one taken on 23rd September

Aubrey:  How does it feel to be able to see again?

Virginia: Very good.

Aubrey: Do you have anything to say?

Virginia: I thank you all for your effort in making me see again. I will be able to do all the jobs I failed to do before and I will no longer be a burden to my relatives.


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