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Reverend Father Petro Mzokomera

In which area were you born? Tell us a bit about your upbringing and early life.

Kasamba area. The traditional authority is the Malinga Chanzi, in Nkhotkhota district. Born in 1973 in a family of nine children. My mother is still alive but is very old by this hour. She is in her late 70s. I am eighth born, if my parents had stopped at three I wouldn’t be here!





Millica Phiri, Senior Home Craft Worker Millica-Phirir-web

Which area of Malawi were you born in? Tell us a bit about your upbringing.

I was born 16 May 1966 in Chiradzulu, Southern Region. I learnt at Chiradzulu, primary school from standard 1-8 and was selected to Chiradzulu, secondary school form 1-4. After that I failed my Malawi Secondary Certificate of Education, and obtained that in Mtunthama at All Saints Secondary School in 2004. I went at Malingunde training school in Lilongwe in 1998, where I studied Home craft working for six months.


Jacqui Munjale Jacqui Munjale, Senior Clinical Officer and Anaethetist

In which area were you born? Tell us about your early life, family and upbringing, education.

I was born in Salima which is in the central region of Malawi along the Lakeshore. I have been   brought up in a family of six children, by my mother because she divorced my father when I was three. I am the fifth born and have two brothers and three sisters. I got in contact with my father when I was seventeen, while I was in form four, but he died eight years ago.


Michael Masudi, Head Teacher Michael-web

In which part of Malawi were you born? Can you tell us a bit about your upbringing?

I was born on Likoma Island, where the Universities’ mission to Central Africa (UMCA) first established its headquarters in 1861. This was where the Anglican Church was established from. I was born on 19 December 1962 from the family of seven, but there are four of us now and I am the last but one. I haven’t seen my father; I was bought up by my social father. My mum is a peasant farmer. We moved from the island to the mainland in Nkhotakhota in 1969 as we were looking for a place with enough land for catfishing. I’ve done a lot of fishing, especially during my early days in primary school when I was surrounded by water and it is still one of my hobbies.

Aubrey-Wande-web Aubrey Wande, Hospital Administrator

In which part of Malawi were you born? Tell us a bit about your upbringing and early life.

was born in Dedza, a district. The country is divided into three regions and this is in the Central Region, as is Kasungu. In fact, I am the second born son in a family of seven; five boys and two girls. My mother was a housewife. My father was a primary school teacher by profession and because of the nature of his job he had to move from one place to another so I grew up in different environments and places until the time I was selected to go to secondary school. That was when I started living away from my parents, when I was 18.