MEDIC MALAWI | March 2015 Newsletter – Farewell to Boyson and Florence
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March 2015 Newsletter – Farewell to Boyson and Florence


Dear friends of Medic Malawi

From its very start AMAO, our orphanage has been led by the love and care and wisdom of Florence and Boyson Kwaderanji, standing and sitting to the left on the picture above, honorary Mother and Father to many many children.

Never counting the days or the hours, they gave themselves selflessly to each child. Indeed the only thing they ever counted was the children – when the Toy Trust so generously doubled the size of the orphanage Boyson told me: “I count the children every night”. “To make sure they haven’t run away?” I said, “No,” he said, “to make sure there are no extras come in to enjoy the happinesss of our home!”

A few weeks ago they retired. We thank them for everything and wish them well.

elizabethElizabeth Kamphani, pictured left, their helper for many years, has taken over with the support of a new committee. I thank all those now involved, who already have fresh ideas, including the involvement of children on the new Management Committee.

Two things stand out for me – first , the needs of the orphans go on, and indeed increase, day after day after day. If your own memory of the initial impact of Medic Malawi is, understandably, fading as time passes, please remember that the children still need feeding and clothing and cuddling every day. They still need your help.

And secondly, we do not work at arms length, anonymously, as most charities have to do.

Florence, Boyson and Elizabeth will be known to many of you who have been lucky enough to visit – Medic Malawi is a partner with their skills and devotion.

These are our friends – our brothers and sisters – and they all want to hold your hand.

Stephen Drew

You can download the latest newsletter by clicking on the link, right MM March 2015

This month, please Cook for Malawi – whether it’s ‘Breakfast for Malawi’ or in some other way – please support our crucial annual fundraising campaign. All this year’s ‘breakfast’ money will help the orphanage. It is urgently needed. Thank you.

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