MEDIC MALAWI | Medic Malawi Handover
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Medic Malawi Handover

In August 2011 we handed over the reins of Medic Malawi to Stephen Drew.

Like us he spent four years teaching at Kamuzu Academy, his final three years as headmaster, so he is as familiar with Malawi as we are. Following his time at Kamuzu Academy he became headmaster of Wrekin College, and has worked closely with Medic Malawi.

In alternate years he has taken groups of students to Mtunthama to extend and redecorate the orphanage for which Wrekin College raised the initial funding. He has decided to take early retirement in July to take on the challenge of running Medic Malawi.

On 1st August the hospital was ten years old, and we held a celebration to mark the occasion. We thank God that we have had the privilege of working closely with Frank and Eunice Dzantenge in setting up the hospital which was Frank’s vision, and to see it grow into the amazing place it is today, with such an inspiring, dedicated staff.

Mac and Dot Forsyth


We thank you for your wonderful support over the years, and hope it will continue. As trustees, we shall of course carry on working for Medic Malawi, but feel that the time has come to hand over the principal responsibility to someone else.

Medic Malawi has grown so much – from a maize field, to a tiny clinic, to a rural hospital -that it is time for a new approach, new ideas, and probably a great deal more energy!

We are delighted that Stephen intends to maintain the principle of all donated funds going to Mtunthama.

Handing over will certainly be tinged with sadness – it is “our baby” and has been a life-changing experience for us. We praise God for the miracle that is Medic Malawi, and for all the little miracles that happen there each day.

May God bless you all.

Dot and Mac Forsyth


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