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November Newsletter

Better late than never, the November 2013 Newsletter is available by clicking on the image.

This is Stephen’s front page article…

To all supporters..

One of the people I took to Malawi this year said as we left: “The best thing about Medic Malawi, Steve, is the sheer quality of the people you have on the ground here in Malawi – your local partners in the projects are outstanding”
With the help of those people, it was inspiring to be in Malawi this year. Several projects were completed, a couple of them very large, a couple apparently quite small, but all illustrating again our slogan: The Power of Giving. The money we are able to inject, combined with the undaunted spirit and the skill of the people with whom we share is, beyond question, making a difference.


In July we opened a new orphanage, the gift of the The Toy Trust.
The Wrekin orphanage will house the boys, whilst girls and babies will be in the Toy Trust House – a much more satisfactory arrangement.

We have also built a small house for Florence and Boyson Kwanderanji, and another for the other carers led by the wonderful Elizabeth Kamphani.

We have started to renovate the Wrekin House after years of heavy use by children, installing ceilings at last.

The Wrekin house was designed for 48 but had accommodated 78; now we have a capacity of about 100, but we are already up to 82, and will very soon be full again. And so, a third house…?


The Children’s Ward, also donated by Toy Trust, is a great medical facility and releases space elsewhere in the hospital. St Andrew’s has grown very fast and not always, inevitably, with any great logic.

The new Ward will enable us to relocate other rooms, and also create an ‘Emergency Only’ entrance to the hospital itself.

Chicken and veg

I was especially chuffed with two other schemes, the vegetable garden and the chicken house – featured in other short articles here, along with

a piece about the re-establishment of the bore hole.
These are examples of targeted financial support producing almost ‘disproportionate’ benefits, gifts punching far above their weight – which is pretty much what MedicM as whole is doing really.

The Power of Giving is making ‘a little’ go a very very long way. Every penny gets there and every penny is used, with no UK costs or salaries, for the benefit of our partners and friends in Mtunthama.

Thank you for all your support.

Stephen Drew

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