MEDIC MALAWI | October Update
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October Update

The October Update newsletter is out – and it’s especially close to the heart of Medic Malawi’s driving force, Stephen Drew.


Amos Nyaka tends to a patient

Stephen worked at Kamuzu Academy in Malawi before he became head of Wrekin College in Wellington, Shropshire. One of his pupils there was Amos Nyaka, who Stephen describes then as coming from a humble background, but being very bright.

Bright enough, to some years later, become the visiting surgeon carrying out much-needed eye surgery at St Andrew’s Hospital in Mtunthama with the help of the Malawi Eye Surgery Fund.

In the newsletter, Stephen says: “So we will work closely together to bring surgery to St Andrew’s which Amos, on his first visit, described to me as ‘a wonder’. My thanks also to our old school who hosted Amos and his team free of charge for the week, and who have promised to do so in the future too.”

As well as the Amos link, the newsletter features the update we’ve carried with Virginia Soko, one of the patients whose sight Amos has been able to restore.

The Newsletter is available here: MM October 2014_fb

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