New - St Andrews' new Hospital Administrator, Chris Zambira, in his own words


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St Andrew’s Hospital

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This is the door to medical care for 40,000 impoverished people.

With a staff now of over 70, we can offer a high quality of care and reliable supplies of medicines. It is also clean. We have a dedicated staff, some of whom have been there since the opening of the hospital in 2001. Some have received further training, supported by Medic Malawi, to improve their qualifications and thereby also offer more to the provision of the hospital itself.

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Aubrey Wande is the Administrator, and Peter Munjale the Chief Clinical Officer: They are pictured below with Stephen Drew of Medic Malawi at a meeting with the staff.

The hospital grows all the time. A Medical Laboratory, an Operating Theatre donated by Aspect Capital UK, new wards. The next targets include an ambulance (10000), baby incubators (£3,000) Labour Ward extension (£5000) small extension to Theatre (£3,500) and a new laundry (£10,000)

Stephen Drew with Aubrey and Peter

“Can you help ? What we give is what they get – and how many new buildings would £5,000 get in the UK ?


HIV/AIDS Project

The Hospital offers HIV/Aids councelling and treatment at a separate small unit.

We have access to drugs which can help (the Bill gates drugs, which come through the Government. There is also an HIV/AIDS project in nearby Wimbe, which is run entirely by volunteers and headed by Peter Minjale, one of our Clinical Officers.


There is a team of 7 trained counsellors, each of whom has accepted responsibility for three villages, which he has undertaken to visit at least three times a week.

Some of those villages involve a journey of 15kms each way. As there is no transport, they go on foot.


Dental Surgery

In September 2007 a complete Dental Surgery was purchased from Dentaid, a charity which provides refurbished dental equipment at cost for third world countries.

The unit was freighted out in October, and in November Malcolm Prideaux, a dentist from Plymouth, flew out to oversee the setting up of the surgery.  St Peter’s Dental Surgery was officially opened on 26th November 2007.

There is now a dental officer who offers much needed dental care . Dentist and denatl facilites are very rare in Malawi, and this is an important facility for the area.