MEDIC MALAWI | Surgeons bringing sight to Malawi
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Surgeons bringing sight to Malawi

A team of specialist eye surgeons have teamed up with Medic Malawi to restore the sight of 150 people in the Malawi.

The Malawi Eye Surgery Fund was launched three years ago and boasts members including doctors from across the UK and South Africa.

A team of those doctors will be travelling to St Andrews Hospital in Mtunthama, to carry out the life-changing operations in July.

Nick Aston, who is organising the group’s trip said: “This is our fourth visit to Malawi but, with the help of Medic Malawi, promises to be one of the most constructive.

“Our medical team and support staff are all volunteers that pay their own way on our outreaches.

“This ensures that money donated by individuals goes towards helping the blind people of Malawi.”

Stephen Drew, head of Medic Malawi, is understandably delighted by the news.
He said: “Its a team of ten, taking all their equipment, from South Africa and London. They will do a week of non stop work, on cataracts especially, but also curable eye diseases. They will operate on the totally blind, restoring sight.

“It made my day when I heard this – there will be about 120 operations in our little rural hospital that week in early July  , restoring sight to the blind. It is a fabulous thing for the people, and my thaks again to all who have donated the funds for hospital and the operating theatre to enable this to happen.”

He added: “Medic Malawi will be providing the screening and aftercare to enable the expert surgeons to work flat out for several days. This is a wonderful project, restoring hope to people who thought the rest of their life would be in darkness.

“Although there are no professional costs for the team or for Medic Malawi, there will be significant additional costs to the hospital in Malawi for the care of patients.”

Anybody who would like to make a donation to the project can e-mail us at

Watch the video to find out more about Medic Malawi…

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