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Useful background information

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10th Anniversary Celebrations

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10 Ways To Help

  1. Join 100 Club
  2. Sponsor a child
  3. Host a Breakfast
  4. Sign up on Birthday calendar
  5. Organise your own event or sponsorship
  6. Visit Mtunthama
  7. Invite Stephen Drew to speak at an event
  8. Send all this to your friends
  9. Go to donate page and be generous

10 Things About Medic Malawi

  1. It was founded by Dot and Mac Forsyth in 1997
  2. The hospital opened in 2001
  3. Is it funded by donations
  4. The charity has no UK costs except Bank charges: every penny goes to Africa
  5. It costs £4,000 a month to run the hospital
  6. 40,000 people rely on its care
  7. There is also a Nutrition Centre, an Orphanage and a School
  8. There is no free secondary schooling in Malawi, so to run the orphanage and send the children to school costs another £2,000 per month
  9. Currently we have about £2000 a month reliable income from the 100 Club of givers – we absolutely need an EXTRA £4,000 a month from donations and events to meet our commitments in Malawi
  10. We are privileged to work in the Warm Heart of Africa, with the most wonderful people who share and contribute to all that we do

And you can make a difference!

Ten things about Malawi

  1. It is one of the 7 poorest countries on the planet
  2. It is a peaceful democracy
  3. The population is about 12 million with no major tribal rifts
  4. It was formerly Nyasaland
  5. One fifth of the country is covered by glorious Lake Malawi
  6. Nyasa means Lake , so we had called the country ‘Lakeland’, and the water ‘Lake Lake’
  7. The capital is Lilongwe
  8. Literacy is about 38% for men and 31% for women
  9. Maize is the main crop, but it ONLY rains between December and April. Everything must grow then and be kept, and it is prone to drought
  10. It is the Warm Heart of Africa


10 Great Pictures

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10 Things We Need Now

Amazingly, we’ve managed to achieve all these:

Small extension to operating theatre (£3,000); Extension to Labour ward (£4,200); Ambulance (£10,000); Beds for extended ward (£150 x 10); Houses for doctor (£10,000  gets two semis); Houses for nurse (£10,000 for two more semis); Roof  improvements on orphanage  (£4000); Washing area for orphanage (£2,000); Outreach Bikes for nutrition centre  (£2,000); and Extension to orphanage   (£15,000)…

So now we need:

Beds for new children’s ward


Chemical analyser

Washing machine for orphanage

Another incubator

Hostel for single staff

4 laptops and a projector for staff training

Four  new medical rooms by moving the lean but necessary administration into a new building

Equipment for new eye clinic

Girls school hostel

With your help, they will all be possible…


10 Things to Know Before You Go

  1. It is a very traditional and modest society. It is vital to show respect for it. Ladies and girls must never show their legs – shorts are never  suitable, so buy a localchitenje (cloth) and wear it
  2. Although men can hold hands without any implication or raised eyebrows, couples never should
  3. Always ask to take a photo especially of strangers or in someone’s house
  4. It is a busy working hospital- always sign in on arrival there and don’t assume it’s convenient for you to be shown round
  5. Learn a few words of Chichewa greetings – it will go a long way
  6. Be prepared to sing in church
  7. Take cash – credit cards not much use
  8. Always greet people – handshakes etc for all – and exchange greetings
  9. Allow plenty of extra time for any journey
  10. Stephen Drew would always be pleased to have an account of your visit to use on website etc

10 Words and Phrases in Chichewa

  1. muli bwanji   – how are you?
  2. ndili bwino   – I am fine
  3. zikomo     – thank you
  4. mwana wokongola!  – what a lovely baby/child!
  5. chakudya chabwino  – good food!
  6. osa lira  (to a child) – don’t cry
  7. madzi  – water
  8. zengati ndalama? – how much does it cost?  (Kwacha is the currency)
  9. pitani bwino – go well (goodbye)
  10. tsalani bwino – stay well (goodbye)
Don’t hesitate to ask for help learning new words. Your interest will be much appreciated.

10 Challenges for the Under-10s – Can You Do What An Orphan Can Do?

  1. Sing a song of greeting to an adult coming home
  2. Help an adult to carry something
  3. Peel vegetables
  4. Look after a younger sibling
  5. Teach a younger child to do something new
  6. Change a sheet
  7. Wash some clothes
  8. Sweep a floor
  9. Plant something new or weed a garden of vegetables
  10. Write a letter to say thank you to someone who has been kind to you