MEDIC MALAWI | Touring the new Children’s Ward
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Stephen Drew and Dr Peter Minjale

Touring the new Children’s Ward

Malawi2014Low-20At last St Andrew’s hospital has a dedicated and special place for very sick children. Donated by the Toy Trust, I saw the Children’s Ward for the first time on my visit in July. 

It has already been full to overflowing in ‘malaria’ season and although it was a little quieter during my visit (there is a definite seasonal pattern to hospital use in Malawi) it was great to see young lives being saved in the ward.

I walked around with Peter Minjale, our senior clinician – whom we congratulate on the award of a B.Sc Degree in ‘International Obstetrics’ by the University of Warwick through (very demanding) external study.

The 40 beds have been donated by Wolverhampton Rotary Club and UWC Singapore.

The ward has a more modern design than our other wards, with smaller bays and a central nurses’ room – but it will still be very crowded with families staying as guardians. There is, of course, no food available in our hospital (or any Malawi hospital – how lucky we are in UK!) and so someone must stay to look after each patient.

The other great benefit of this ward is to release space elsewhere in St Andrew’s, which we will begin to adapt for consulting rooms, and also to create an ‘Emergency Only’ entrance and an Emergency side ward – at the moment the most serious emergency arrival simply comes through the same narrow, busy entrance as all other patients or visitors.

Later this month we start the regular eye surgery – I hope to write about that in October. Also news to follow of the new girls’ hostel, and even a new laundry…

Thanks, everyone, for your support

Stephen Drew

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