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Medic Malawi welcomes volunteers in all capacities, both in Malawi and in UK. Indeed we are all volunteers – the charity has no UK costs at all.

Volunteering in Malawi

As part of an organised group

I will be taking groups of adults from time to time, probably once a year, to visit Mtunthama, and see a bit of Africa eg: the Lake shore and a game park. No special skills are required – just enthusiasm, patience and a willingness roll your sleeves up. Contact Stephen Drew to discuss.

As an individual

Individuals or eg small groups are welcome in Mtunthama. Indeed there have been a number of such volunteers and their reports can be found elsewhere on this website.

Individuals come with various talents, all very useful:

Medical Electives or similar training: There have been a number of good examples of this, and the first thing to check is whether the level of supervision is sufficient for the authorities who are sending you- we do not of course have a fully qualified Doctor at the hospital – Peter Munjale is a Clinical officer though he copes with more than most Doctors in UK!

Read Tamsin Browning’s report on her Medical Elective in 2011 here…

Qualified medical staff: A Doctor or similar would be enormously helpful and beneficial, though there is a process before you can undertake any work. In brief, details of qualifications and experience have to be produced for the authorities , and a period of acclimatisation is spent at Kasungu District hospital – itself a very interesting time. Contact Stephen Drew.

General help: This is enormously important and most of our visitors, including me, would put themselves in this category. But there is no end to the things which can be done, helping in the orphanage and Feeding centre, meeting people, helping with some hospital tasks eg in the pharmacy, and of course spending time in the schools, speaking to children or teaching something you know about.

Visitors are welcome for any length of time, but I’d suggest a month to 6 weeks in a minimum for really getting involved. Volunteers must of course pay their own costs – flights are expensive I’m afraid. Transport can be arranged from the airport – about £20 – and accommodation set up in the community, with a host family. The hosts houses will have water and electricity, at least ‘sometimes’ as far as  electricity is concerned. Volunteers would give the hosts about £30 a week, or more if they could.

For a longer visit eg for a couple spending say two or three months or more, it may be possible to find self contained accommodation.


Please note
Malawi is safe and lovely, but you MUST take health precautions, including a full range of jabs. But the big one is  Malaria – it is essential to take malaria tablets – the disease is endemic and can be very serious.

Please contact Stephen Drew if you are interested in going to Malawi.

Volunteering in the UK

Raising money: Medic Malawi relies on the efforts of volunteers. All fundraising, sponsored etc efforts are very welcome and crucial to our cash flows. So please go ahead – organise that event, make us your target, every penny will be used! If we can help in any way, for instance with materials. Contact Stephen Drew.

Practical help in running a growing charity: Offers of help are also welcome.

Skills: Finally, offers of skills are welcome : I work from home in Shrewsbury and would welcome help with the many skills I lack especially financial and computer design work. Contact Stephen Drew about  this or any other aspects of voluntary help.

Costs: Anyone who can help me to defray printing costs, for instance.