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“I count the children every night” said Boyson Kwanderanji, who runs the Orphanage

“To check they are all there?” I asked with surprise.

“No” he smiled. “I have to check there are no EXTRAS, because this is such a happy and warm place!”

There are two orphanages for about 100 of these happy children.

They do not replace the care of extended families – this still goes on all around Malawi, but the system of family care has simply been overwhelmed by the number of orphans in Malawi – up to 1 million.

First came the Wrekin orphan house , which now house boys. More recently the Toy Trust have donated the Toy Trust House, for girls and a special area for babies.

We raise funds for their food and we provide for their schooling. As the orphans grow older, the huge challenge we now face is to try to offer further training for careers and indeed in tertiary education.


The orphanage has an area to grow food, and the children share all the chores – washing, cleaning throughout the year.

But if you want to find irresistible smiles and joy – go to our orphanages!

Stephen Drew


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