AMAO Partnership Update

All Saints Mtunthama Anglican Orphanage (AMAO) is a non-profit-making care facility in Kasungu, owned and operated by the Anglican Diocese of Lake Malawi (ADLM). 

AMAO provides care and support to orphans and vulnerable children both in the care facility and also out in the community. 

This care and support is given to these children with the aim of them developing to their full potential so that they can reintegrate into society and contribute meaningfully to their respective families and communities. 

Medic Malawi are a principal partner of AMAO and offer a mixture of support and funding to assist them in the delivery of their vital services. This primarily takes the form of ongoing support as well as funding for food, healthcare, facilities, social care and staff.

Historically the care facility has housed up to 68 children but, in line with Malawian government policy, children can be reintegrated with wider family members and/or communities once they reach a certain age. At present, AMAO houses 35 of the most vulnerable children in the Kasungu district.

Looking forward to the future of this reintegration programme, ADLM are in the process of hiring a full-time Social Worker and a full-time Finance & Admin Officer to make AMAO as impactful as possible in improving the lives of the vulnerable children, families and communities connected with the work of the care facility.

Funds needed per child:

£75 per month =  funds each child at AMAO

£25 per month =  per child cost of social worker

£12.50  per month = Per child food costs 

Total cost £31,500 to fund all 35 children annually, £900 per child.