Chalizya School Development

Why we need your help

Chalizya School is the home of 638 pupils in a rural community in Mtunthama, Malawi. With only 10 teachers, the school classes average at 63 pupils per class and spread across 11 classrooms.

Chalizya School Malawi

In 2011 a team from St Peter’s Malawi Education Trust & Medic Malawi went out to build a timber frame for 4 classrooms followed by roofing. Then in 2018 the team built a following 7 classrooms meaning all 11 classrooms had a roof on and a timber stucture.

See before & after photos below:

Before Picture of School
After Photo of School

We are now looking to raise funds to continue development at the school, starting with new concrete floors. Currently 63 kids use the classroom below everyday and are sitting on rubble. There are 10 more classrooms just like this one. See the current conditions below:

Flooring in poor condition
Flooring in poor condition

To help us raise funds for the children at Chalizya School have a better learning enviroment, then please give below. You can also help by sharing this campaign with friends, family or your community. Read less

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