January Newsletter 2019

Delivering healthcare in rural Malawi has it’s challenges all year round, but especially during the rainy season when the team at St Andrew’s see a sharp rise in Malaria cases. Peter Minjale, the “Chief” as he is affectionally known, reports that St Andrew’s is currently seeing between forty and fifty new malaria cases every day, many of which are paediatric patients. The large number of additional cases speaks volumes about the team at St Andrew’s ability to cope while under pressure and with limited resources. Their dedication to making a difference to the community is brilliant and is changing lives on a daily basis.


The AMAO children’s home is home to 83 children. It is a remarkable community asset that is giving all the children an incredible start to life through a caring environment where they are loved, nurtured, supported and educated. Many of the staff dedicate their lives to AMAO and are committed to making a difference to the children in their care. The incredible team work tirelessly and genuinely see all the children as part of their own family.

Feeding the 83 children at the AMAO Children’s home is a big undertaking. In late December the team at AMAO broke ground on a project to farm around twenty acres as part of our ongoing project to enable AMAO to produce its own food to enable long-term food security.

The AMAO team and the community came together to set out the land and began planting ready for the rains

The joy and excitement at AMAO was brilliant to see at Christmas as the children and staff enjoyed their annual Christmas Day party.

The AMAO farming project, which will help bring food security to AMAO, will cost £7700 to establish and is vital as part of our plan to bring long-term food security to AMAO. Can you help?

Can you help AMAO?

AMAO is giving the children who live there a chance at life. Without Medic Malawi’s monthly funding AMAO would not survive. Can you help us with that monthly funding?

Please get in contact via [email protected] if you are able to help.


The statistics showing what is being achieved at St Andrew’s is remarkable and we must continue our relentless efforts to further the life changing work being done on the ground in Malawi:

  • St Andrews Hospital serves a geographical area of 11300 Km2
    and serves a rural population of 150,000
  • It has a 60 bed capacity
    205 Albino families supported, loved and mentored through the PLA Project
  • 2200 patients treated so far in 2019 through the ear health outreach clinics
  • 1500 eye surgeries conducted as part of the eye health outreach clinics
  • 5000 patients treated for general eye care as part of the eye health outreach clinics
  • 1374 babies born at the hospital per year
  • 10226 patients treated at the hospital per year
  • 426 people sustained through the food support programme

The love showed to patients at St Andrew’s is inspirational.

St Andrews has some urgent requirements that we would love to support over the next few months. Can you help?

Life saving oxygen generating machines are in short supply and there is an urgent need for three new machines costing a total of £7000.
Much needed eye health outreach program offering access to vitally needed eye health care across Kasungu district and is restoring sight to many who haven’t had the gift of sight for years. It costs £3000 per outreach


Our Medic Malawi hosted a Medics of Exeter event. It was a great chance to tell the Exeter medical community about the work we are doing in Malawi and to share how people can get involved. Great to have Mac and Dot Forsyth with us at the event, brilliant to hear Mac talking so passionately about the original vision back in 2001 that got everything started.

Thank you to our event speaker’s Dr Howard Friend, James Moore, Dr John Fox and Mac Forsyth and our event sponsors: Grow Marketing, Sharpham Cheese and Sharpham Wine.

If you would be interested in Medic Malawi coming to put on an event in your area, please let us know.

Medic Malawi needs you!!

As a growing charity we need your help. We are looking to recruit some vital volunteers to our team. If you would be interested in getting more involved in the work of Medic Malawi and think that you may be able to help with any of the following roles please get in contact via [email protected]

Secretarial support to board of trustees:
Do you have great administration skills, including minute taking? We are looking for an experienced individual who’s passionate about the work of Medic Malawi and is able to attend Trustees meetings, take accurate notes, and produce formal minutes of the meeting as well as assist with other administration work on behalf of the board of trustees and Director. The trustees generally meet in Birmingham three times per year.
Please email [email protected] if you would be interested in finding out more.

Bid writing team:
Are you an experienced bid writer who would love to get more involved in Medic Malawi?
We are looking for experienced volunteers to join our bid writing team to help us develop our bid writing capacity. If you have experience in funding bid writing and would love to get involved please email [email protected]

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If you can help in any way with these current needs, please get in contact via [email protected]

Without the ongoing support of all our incredible supporters none of the work would happen, the work in Malawi is incredible and life-changing and can only happen with the dedicated commitment of all our supporters.

Please get in touch with me if you think I can be of any assistance with ongoing fundraising efforts. I would be more than happy to attend events to help spread the word about the ongoing work in Malawi. I am planning to hold a few events across the UK in early 2020 to meet with our supporters to talk more about our work and our future plans. Details of these events will be available soon.

Once again thank you for your unwavering support, it is a pleasure and an honour to serve the people of Malawi through Medic Malawi.