Yesterday, on January 24th 2022, southern Malawi was devastated by cyclone ‘Ana’ which ripped through the country destroying river banks, redirecting water across roads, tearing down power lines and cutting off communities from vital services.

The main road that runs down through the whole country (called the M1) has been cut off in multiple places, meaning that whole areas of the country are disconnected and unreachable at present.

Malawi is already one of the poorest countries in the world and, as a result of this cyclone, their development has been set back years. Communications are down and farmland has been destroyed, taking essential food sources and incomes away.

Below video of one such area affected by the cyclone (which used to be dry woodland):

In response, Medic Malawi (a UK based charity whose stated mission is to create ‘a Malawi where everyone has the opportunity to thrive’), are raising funds to get aid to the most vulnerable people who have been affected by this tragedy and to deliver supplies to the communities that need it the most.

Tom Hunt, CEO of Medic Malawi, commented, “With huge parts of the country cut off by flash floods, it is suspected that whole communities are trapped and unreachable at present. This means that some of the most vulnerable people in Malawi are in significant risk as the relief effort starts in earnest.”

He continued, “Malawi is one of the most impoverished nations in the worlds already, so tragic events like these can affect communities there in ways that we’ve never experienced here in the UK. And once the initial relief effort is carried out, the work to reduce the impact on the ongoing development work in Malawi will begin.”

To give to this vitally important fundraising appeal, please visit https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/p/cyclone-ana—malawi-relief-appeal