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A tragedy is unfolding in Malawi that the world needs to hear, a tragedy that in 2021 simply should not be happening, a tragedy that must be the catalyst for real and meaningful change in Malawi and across the developing world. Covid 19 is causing devastation here in Malawi and the health system simply can’t cope. The lack of oxygen is leading to people dying needlessly from Covid 19 every day. Malawi simply does not have enough oxygen to help everyone.

Peter Minjale, “The Chief”, the man who through his work with Medic Malawi has over the last 16 years transformed countless lives in Malawi has spent the last 48 hours in the Covid Intensive Care Unit at Kasungu District Hospital. For much of that time Peter has been reliant on oxygen cylinders to keep him alive. Oxygen cylinders that are in desperately short supply. Peter’s family and friends have had to source oxygen themselves in order to help him.

The Intensive Care Unit at Kasungu District Hospital has eight beds and yesterday when I visited to see Peter through the window they had one oxygen cylinder. This is not a unique situation and is repeated across Malawi. We must act and act now to help as many people as we can.

One oxygen cylinder will last around eight hours for a critically ill patient. Our plan is simple: refill as many cylinders as we can for as long as we can to save as many lives as we can… but we need your help. It costs £70 to fill each oxygen cylinder. Help us to fill as many cylinders as we possibly can as they fight this pandemic. 

*All additional support above our campaign target will be used by Medic Malawi for the continuing life changing work.


We Have Four Primary Focuses

1. To provide ongoing support for medical care in the rural region of Mtunthama, Malawi through the work of St Andrew’s Hospital

2. To provide care for vulnerable children and orphans through AMAO children’s home 



3. To provide support for primary and secondary education

4. To raise awareness in the UK of issues surrounding poverty in sub-Saharan Africa through education

Medic Malawi is working in partnership with St Andrew’s Hospital, AMAO Children’s home and the wider community of Mtunthama, rural Malawi. Established in 2001, our Mission is to provide quality, accessible, sustainable healthcare through partnership with St Andrew’s Hospital and to create a safe, loving, supportive and sustainable environment for the children in Malawi through the work at the AMAO children’s home.



Our work focuses on one district, which offers continuity, regular contact and transparency.
The foundations of our work are deep – this is a project which has gradually been built over a long period with the local community. The community of Mtunthama is involved at every stage. There is real progress and achievement.

hospital population area

patients being treated per year

patients treated for general eye care as part of the eye health outreach clinics

How You Can Help

Help out

If you have skills that you feel would benefit our charity, whether business, legal, medical, financial or anything else please contact us and we can talk about how we can work together.


Become our ambassador and promote the work we are doing to your network and a wider community to help raise awareness and generate donations.


One way to help us is by donating to support our projects in Malawi. You could do this with a one-off gift or by a regular Direct Debit.

Our Mission



As a  grassroots charity, we work in partnership with the community of Mtunthama. Together, we are committed to provide high quality healthcare, support for children, education and leadership development.

The foundations of our work are deep – from very small beginnings, the charity has gradually developed and expanded its work. The community of Mtunthama is involved at every stage.

Donations from individuals are the lifeblood of Medic Malawi’s funding, providing about 30% of our income. Why not consider donating regularly? You too can make a difference.

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